Letter to Taylor Street Residents

February 22, 2019


Dear Neighbours and Whom It May Concern,

We are writing to inform you about an upcoming residential development project starting at the beginning of November on the corner of Taylor, King and Vogel Street.

As a local Cambridge business we care about our community and neighbourhood, which means we care about your home. Construction can at times be a bit of a nuisance but rest assured we will be doing all we can to keep this site clean to mitigate dust and noise from reaching you.

Our operating hours will vary from 7am until 6pm Monday to Saturday. We are conscious of the houses on the eastern boundary and will only work on this section from mid morning to early afternoon. We hope to be completely finished with this project by mid next year.

We would like to invite you to an open day on Saturday the 27th of October at 12pm. Food and some light beverages will be provided. Our team will be onsite, including an Engineer and Geological scientist to answer any questions you may have during the development, construction and final stages of this project.

We have several site action plans that we will adhere to. These include a Dust Management Plan, Health and Safety Management Plan, a Geohazard Environmental Remediation Action Plan, and a Traffic Management Plan.

Thank you in advance for your patience. If you have any queries please get in touch with Yann Wernli the Project Manager on 0212018503 or email us using the form on this website.

Kind regards,

Yann Wernli
Progressive Property Investments Limited

Action Plan

Dust Management and Control

Some dust may be generated at various stages in the development of this site.

The most will likely be in the earthwork phase where vehicles will enter and exit the site, and whilst diggers shift soil across the site.

Dust Mitigation and Procedures

As part of our council approved dust management plan, we will have a water cart on site which holds up to 12,000 litres this will be manned during the entire process. Moisture binds particles together preventing them from being disturbed by wind or vehicle movements. Potentially dusty activities such as loading and spreading top soil will be restricted on days when the winds are strong and blowing towards sensitive properties.

Forecast and daily monitoring of winds will take place and in events that are likely to cause nuisance, works will cease until winds ease.


There will be temporary noise effects during the earthworks phase. The trucks will be carting material away from site to the managed fill site an importing clean soil to replace the existing soil.

Earth working machinery on site will consist of diggers (up to 20 tonne), tractors and trailers for handling the material around the site, compacting rollers and a mobile water cart. We will make a line of demarcation 20 meters from the sites Eastern Boundary that large equipment won’t cross. This will lessen any noise impacting residents in this area.

When it comes to removing this soil we will consult you and decide if we want to work in between certain time restraint or we use a smaller and quieter machine to complete this excavation work.

Over the Holiday Period

When earthworks cease (over the holiday period) all dirt piles will be covered to avoid any dust nuisances occurring.

Upon completion of the earthworks the site will predominantly look very similar to the current day. Whilst it is accepted that there will be temporary visual amenity effects during construction; upon completion the enduring effects will be less than minor.


The required process of removing some 11000 cubic meters of material off site to a managed fill site means that truck movements in the area will be noticeable during the earthworks phase. Entry and exit points to the site will be opened off Taylor Street and King Street.

It is anticipated that temporary shoulder and footpath closures will be enacted on both streets to ensure pedestrians do not cross paths with vehicles entering and exiting the site. Implementation of Traffic Management Plans for the site will ensure appropriate signage is placed on all existing road.

Development Stages

Phase One - Site Establishment

During the last week of October you will see some changes occurring as the grass is cut and bailed. All fencing will be removed and taken off site.

Temporary fencing will be set up around the perimeter to keep the site safe in accordance with building best practice.

This fencing will be covered in a branded wrap in case any bypasses have questions about the future development.

A workers hut will be placed permanently onsite until construction work is completed. This will double up as an area for staff to take breaks and for safety meetings. Access to the site shall be restricted to authorised personnel by the use of barricades/fences and adequate signage. Personnel shall be authorised access to site following completion of site induction procedures.

Phase Two - Earthwork

Earthworks will commence onsite from the 1st of November. At this time several trucks will be coming to and from site, the bulk of the material removed will be moved off site.

Operating hours at this time will be between the hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Work that needs to be done close to established housing will only take place between the hours of 10am to 3pm on weekdays.

This will be the most disruptive phase of the operation and we are hoping to have this finished around early December.

Phase Three - Construction on Carriageways

Construction will commence shortly after earthworks, during this phase we will be installing services for all the allocated sites making sure infrastructure is in place.

We will start with the base layer of rock forming a solid foundation for the roadway. Concrete work will follow suit (with curb and channel and foot pathing) once this is complete we start with the final preparation of roadway.

Phase Four - Road Development

At this stage it is vital that our heights are correct, the grounding is flat and level to avoid puddling and uneven surfaces before laying down a road for the public.

Phase Five - Further Development

Once we have a draft engineering concept of how the site will work. We will get in touch with you, prior to commencing phase five of the project.

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